La nouvelle caméra

(The new camera)

A short fiction by Théo Laboulandine and Guglielmo Scafirimuto

With Ylane Duparc and Timothé Kovaci
Director of photography Michele Gurrieri et Théo Laboulandine

Produced by Hélène Mitjavile

colour, 9’55”, 16/9
Panavision Millenium – Primo lenses – shot on 35mm Kodak 5218 and digital on Sony FS7

Mélocoton Films

A young film student tries to film a Romany shantytown, until a young man from the community grabs his camera and films it back.

As he retrieves the camera, he notices the difference between the images he has filmed and those taken by the young boy: it’s the very difference between representation and self-representation.