Dans l’arbre de mes veines

(Into the tree of my veins)


Inspired by Lieux perdus

by Pedro Garcia-Velasquez and Benjamin Lazar

Directed, photograped and edited by Michele Gurrieri
Sound Florent Derex, Augustin Muller
Ensemble Le Balcon, directed by Maxime Pascal

colour, 10’52”, HD, France 2016

An audience appears in a dark space. They seem to sleep or dream. An orchestra plays together around a strange artificial head. The music brings us in an ancient land as if we were in a fairy tale or a forgotten history. A church, a ruined castle, a forest by night, every place having its own music.

Inspired from the piece Lieux perdus Pedro Garcia Velasquez, a composition for 4 singers, chamber orchestra, electronics and binaural sound, Dans l’arbre de mes veines is a variation on the theme of lost places. An immersion into a dark fluid of sounds and images that flow into the tree of our veins, cradling us like a sweet poison.

Festival MUVI LISBOA music and cinema, 2016