(The prayer of Teresa de Avila)


A documentary by Léo Brézin
produced by Zulu and company

Director of Photography Michele Gurrieri

color, 52’, France 2016
Sony EX1 – Pentax K3, HD, 16/9

While Eastern meditation methods are becoming increasingly popular, it is almost forgotten that there are forms of contemplative prayer in the Christian world, such as silent prayer. Saint Teresa of Avila has developed a way of prayer that she will then propose in her writings as a fundamental form of prayer to be used both by beginners and those who are more advanced on the path to perfection. If prayer occupies such a place in the life and doctrine of the Saint, one can guess that to approach this subject is to touch all aspects of her thought and work. This documentary therefore proposes to go and meet Carmel’s contemplatives, who practice prayer two hours a day. At the heart of their communities, the film allows them to share moments of their prayer life by evoking their relationship with Teresa of Avila and the way they put into practice her teachings on the prayer of contemplation.