Born in Italy in 1982, I studied ethnomusicology at the University of Bologna and documentary filmmaking in Milan. In 2006, I moved to France to continue my studies at La Fémis and become a director of photography.

Since 2010, I have been working as cinematographer on short fictions and documentaries, and as assistant cinematographer on series, features and shorts (Engrenages saison 5, Katz, La Petite histoire de France, L’autre monde, Maintenant ou jamais, with DOPs Antoine Heberlé, Pascale Granel, Tariel Meliava, Yves Agostini, Thomas Favel). Passionate about documentary, I nevertheless love fiction, writing with light, the creative work with directors, the collective adventure of a cinema crew and its camaraderie.

I’m a musician and music lover since always, and as such I am particularly interested in projects related to music: I worked as cinematographer on a ethnographic documentary on the music of the Roma from Kosovo, Kajda, and I directed The King, a documentary on the Macedonian Roma trumpet player Naat Veliov. I regularly collaborate with young contemporary composers from the French scene. I’m versatile, my skills range from lighting on fiction to documentary and reportage shooting, to the editing and grading of projects for internet broadcasting. I also master basic sound recording skills for interviews. Besides my own projects I regularly produce trailers of shows and photos of live concerts. I am able to adapt myself to the most diverse set-ups, from shooting in a crew of fifty people to a low-budget short film shot in a bathroom without any assistant operator; from television reportage to video art.

For some years now, besides my work as a Dop, I have undertaken a creative approach on several fronts: I make documentary films, installations and experimental films; I am also a photographer and author of a documentary photo book on the society and politics of my native Italy. I joined the A Bao A Qou collective, which brings together composers, video makers and performers in a collective practice to create shows that rethink the stage space and involve the audience more.

Since 2020 I’m a permanent resident of the Folie numérique du parc de la Villette, a space dedicated to digital art, in Paris. As a photographer I am represented by the online gallery Corridor Elephant. I am a member of the Union des Chefs Operateurs.

I believe in a decompartmentalization of our profession, I am convinced that the practice of different disciplines, working techniques and set-ups, and socio-cultural backgrounds can only enrich the vision that we bring as collaborators to each new project.

Video and sound gear

    • Canon 5D Mark III
    • Zoom 24/70 Tamron T 2.8
    • Zoom 70/200 Sigma T 2.8
    • 100mm Macro Canon L USM T 2.8
    • External recorder Black Magic HD ProRes
    • Sachtler ACE tripod
    • Sound recorder Tascam DR70
    • Rode NTG-5 microphone
    • Sennheiser HF kit

If you’re interested in buying my photographs, fell free to contact me for prices and shipping.

Michele Gurrieri resume – french (pdf)


Tournage Zaïna46, Mont-de-Marsan, avril 2017

Tournage Zaïna46, Mont-de-Marsan, avril 2017

erbalunga mai 2012