Naat Veliov and the romany music

from the Balkans

a film by Michele Gurrieri
With King Naat Veliov

Documentary feature, colour, 64′, France, 2019


Written and directed by Michele Gurrieri

A Lumina Films production

Produced by Marie Napoli

Co-written with Marie Napoli

Photography, editing Michele Gurrieri

Sound François Bailly, Dimitri Kharitonnoff, Matthieu Fraticelli, Timothée Bost

Composer and king of the gypsy trumpet, King Naat Veliov inherited his crown from a long line of Roma musicians from the Balkans. He mixes cultures and musical styles like no one before. Between tradition and modernity, he leads us on the paths of creation, transmission and influence of Romany music in the world.


Selected at GIEFF – German International Ethnographic Film Festival 2020, Documed – Tunis Festival of mediterranean documentary, 2020