He wanted to dream a man: he wanted to dream him with meticulous integrity and impose him on reality.

Loosely inspired by Jorge Luis Borges’ short story The circular ruins (published in Fictions, 1944), this series is part of a larger project, a performance for baritone saxophone, electronics, video and performer, a project by the A Bao A Qou collective, of which Michele Gurrieri is a member.

Borges’ tale tells the story of a hermit who settles in the ruins of a temple with plans of creating a man by dreaming of him. He succeeds but eventually discovers that he himself is the product of a dream.

Fascinated by Borges’ symbolic worlds, which are built from reflections, inversions and parallels, I explore in this series the myth of creation that serves as the guiding principle of the tale, questioning otherness, mankind’s concern about its origins, the doubt about the fictional nature of man’s sensitive experience.