Bad Girl

A short fiction by Arnaud Khaydjanian

A Les petits princes production
Written and directed by Arnaud Khayadjanian
based on Laura Desprein’s play Cœurs sourds
with Mathilde Roux
Director of Photography Michele Gurrieri
Sound François Bailly
Editing Flora Alfonsi
Steadycam operator Thomas Burgess
shot in Paris in June 2014
Canon C300 – Canon Cineprimes – Canon Tilt focus
color, 10′, 1:1 – 1.85:1, DCP

On the eve of her 18th birthday, it is time for Mathilde to face the monster who haunts her nights. She then unleashes a raw and uncompromising violence, which leads her into a dance that becomes her ultimate means of expression.

2015 selections: Festival Zoom Zbliženia, Jelena Gora, Poland, International short film festival, Uppsala, Finland, Festival Court de Sciences,  Clermont, Golden Diana Film Festival, Austria, International Film Festival, Yerevan, Armenia, International Film Festival, Patmos, Grece, Festival des Nouveaux Cinémas, Paris, France, Jury prize at Sundance Channel Shorts, Paris/London, Golden Reel International Underground Film Festival, Ulan Bataar, Mongolia, Inhouse Film Festival,  London, U.K., Short and Sweet Film Festival, Amsterdam, Netherlands, Best short film and best editing, Ficu Lanterna International Film Festival, Huixquilacan, Mexico, Silk Road Film Festival, Dublin, Ireland, Buff International Film Festival, Malmö, Sweden