an installation by the A Bao A Qou collective

loosely inspired by The circular ruins by Jorge Luis Borges
12’ video loop – quadraphonic soundtrack

An immersive visual and sound installation, Circular is inspired by Jorge Luis Borges’ short story The circular ruins.

The audience is installed in a spatialized sound space and watches a video that tells us about the conception of a creature through the power of dreams.

Between performance, video art or theatre, the A Bao A Qou collective seeks to renew the concept of concert by proposing new transversal forms where contemporary music, image and literature are intertwined. Our aim is to rethink the stage in order to make it more inclusive and give the audience a more active place.
Like Borges’ fantastic animal appearing in contact with the souls that nourish it, A Bao A Qou is formed and transformed according to the artists who become part of it: coming from different backgrounds, from contemporary music to improvised music, from dance to documentary film, from Colombia to France through Italy, the members of the collective gather in a collective writing based on horizontality and emulation.


Michele Gurrieri  videomaker
Juliette Herbet  Saxophones
Juan Camilo Hernandez Sanchez  composer

When Circular was created for Nuit Blanche in 2018, in the music pavilion of the Champs Élysées, we sought to transform the space in order to give the public the impression of entering a sacred enclosure, a place dedicated to ritual and magic, offering them an intense experience for all the senses.

The audience was lying on the carpeted floor and the projection was made on a screen hung on the pavilion’s ceiling. The sound was spatialized, broadcast in quadraphony on speakers installed for the occasion.