L’œil et la Terre

(The eye and the earth)

a short fiction by Louis Tardivier

Directed by Louis Tardivier
Written by Louis Tardivier and Emmanuel Briand
produced by Louis Tardivier and Pierre-Emmanuel Urcun for Stank
Director of Photography Michele Gurrieri
Puppets designed by Simon Pret and animated by Silvia Di Placido, Hugo Querouil, Olivier Leroux
Set design Mélanie Bouychou
Editing Julie Borvon, Vincent Tricon
Sound Charlotte Butrak, Clément Decaudin
Special effects Rachid Semahi
Color correction Saul Mêmetau

Animated film, colour, 17′, France 2019
SONY FS7 MKII, Sigma and Tamron optics, DCP, 1.85

On an arid island in the grip of a volcanic eruption, the last two survivors of a lost civilization are struggling to find their salvation.

With the support of the CNC, the Occitanie region and the Réunion region
Shot at La Réunion island